Alleviate Fire Hazards With JayC Fire Equipment

Choose our premium and affordable fire prevention package in Fairport, and Rochester, NY

Are you worried that a fire will destroy your home or business? Or worse, cause harm to your family or employees? Get the peace of mind you need with help from JayC Fire Equipment. We offer a full-service package that has all of the equipment you need to keep you safe during emergencies.

Get full protection with JayC Fire Equipment

Get full protection with JayC Fire Equipment

Our affordable, full-service fire safety package is recommended to check for fire risks on your property. The package includes:

  • Completing an initial inspection of your home or building to decide which products are needed
  • Installing fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems and emergency exit lighting
  • Performing a hazard analysis to recognize any potential fire risks
  • Offering a six-year maintenance plan to ensure that your fire safety equipment is working properly

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