Stop the Fire Before It Starts

Stop the Fire Before It Starts

Install fire prevention equipment on your property in Fairport & Rochester, NY

Does your office building have emergency lights and exit signs? Is your home equipped with a fire extinguisher? If a fire were to occur, having a reliable fire alarm system and safety equipment in your office building or home could potentially save lives and protect assets from being destroyed. Let JayC Fire Equipment assess your property and provide you with a fire safety system that is most suitable for your needs.

Our complete installation process is considered an 11-point install, and includes the following:

  1. Exit sign
  2. Emergency light
  3. ABC fire extinguisher
  4. Class K kitchen fire extinguisher
  5. Emergency use instructions
  6. Remote pull station
  7. Identification sign
  8. Inspection tag
  9. Conduit
  10. Corner pulley
  11. Combination strobe and horn fire alarm

You can never be too prepared for the unexpected

JayC Fire Equipment provides more than just an 11-point prevention system. We can also install:

  • Kitchen exhaust hoods to help with ventilation and to minimize fire risk while cooking
  • Suppression systems that control and extinguish fires without human intervention

Call 585-509-8235 today and let JayC Fire Equipment install fire prevention systems on your property.